How much will my property rent for?

There is no way to predict how quickly your property will rent for. Several factors to consider are:

  1. Is the property properly priced?
  2. Is the property in good condition?
  3. Is the property in a desirable area?
  4. How many other rentals are on the market?
  5. What time of year are you marketing the property?

While your home is on the market for rent we look at these factors weekly and keep you informed of any changes in the competition that could affect pricing of your home. Our detailed marketing plan along with our exceptional customer service skills will help minimize days on the market.

How often is my property inspected when tenant occupied?

We do not have a set inspection schedule. In the lease we have the right to enter the property at any time. We will inspect the home if we feel the need to or at owners request. We have the tenant fill out a move in checklist when they first move into the home. We use that same list to inspect the property for damage when they move out. If the tenant wishes to renew the lease we will inspect the interior and exterior of the property before they sign another lease.

How do I start the process to have REMIS Properties manage my property?

If you are not currently under contract with another real estate firm, we can begin managing your property once you have completed the required property management package. If your property is currently being managed by another real estate firm we cannot manage your home until your current agency agreement/ contract is terminated.

How do you screen a prospective Tenant?

We have a thorough screening process. We screen every person who will be living in the home 18 or older. The items we check:

1. Credit, we examine current outstanding debt, and past due debts, collections and closed accounts.

2. Income, we verify income through pay stubs and/or tax returns and offer letters to make sure the tenant can afford the monthly rent in addition to there current monthly bills and discretionary spending.

3. Criminal, we have access to everything from misdemeanors to felonies.

4. Rental Verification, if the applicant is a current renter we verify they are in good standing with there landlord.

5. Any other information needed to answer questions we may have.

We want to have a complete history of the tenant to help you make a informed decision to approve or deny an applicant. Please keep in mind there are seven protected classes according to Federal and State housing laws. The protected classes include the following: Race, Religion, Color, National Origin, Sex, Handicap, and Familial Status.

What happens if my property needs repair?

The tenant will always contact us for repairs. We will contact you with the information about the needed repair. We have licensed and insured companies we use for repairs to a property. We will make sure to coordinate with the tenant to allow the repairman access to the property. You are welcome to use your own repairmen as well, we do asked that they be licensed and insured. If it is an emergency we will attempt to contact the owner first but will take action to preserve the property and keep the tenant safe if we can not get in touch with the owner.

When do I receive the rental income monthly?

As long as the tenant pays on time your money will be mailed or directed deposited the 15-20th of each month. We offer free direct deposit. If the tenant pays late we will pay you once the rent clears with the bank.

What do I need to do to make the property ready for tenant?

We ask that you leave the property in the condition you want the tenant to leave it to you in. We recommend the house be professionally cleaned, carpets steamed cleaned, touch up painting, repairs to any known issues and new air filters. Items that are mandatory are, new smoke detector batteries and at least one carbon monoxide detector per level of the house. Having a home in great condition will maximize the showings and increase the chances the home will rent quicker.

What happens if a tenant does not pay rent?

The rent is due on the first of the month and considered late if not received by the 5th. On the 6th we mail out a notice of intent to file eviction along with a late fee charge. We give the tenant until the 10th of the month to pay rent. We will notify you and make arrangements to file eviction. We handle the process from start to finish for you. We file the paperwork and appear in court. We try to minimize the inconvenience of eviction so you can focus on daily life.

Can we list our home for sale and rent at the same time?

REMIS Properties is well versed in leasing and selling of properties. We can list your property for sale and lease simultaneously to maximize its earnings potential.

Rather than hiring multiple agents to handle the renting and sale of your property, why not hire just one agent. With the ability to assist you on the sale and lease of your property, this allows us to ensure excellent communication with you, any current applicants and tenants that might be occupying the property. If your property doesn't sale, you do not owe us anything.

We offer discounts on seller services if we currently manage your home. Please contact us for details.

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